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New to the silk road and just have a quick question

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I'm planning on ordering 0.5 bitcoin on Coinmama. This will be my first time buying bitcoin so I'm going to start small. I would prefer to use one of those Mastercard/Visa gift cards that you can load up with cash. Could I use a Visa Gift Card to wire the money through moneygram, or does it need to be an actual Debit/Credit card?

submitted by WillypeteLOL
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June 26, 2013 |

SR-related Bitcoin seizure?

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The Drug Enforcement Administration posted an Official Notification that Bitcoin (i.e. property) belonging to Eric Daniel Hughes was seized for forfeiture pursuant to 21 U.S.C. § 881, because the property was used or acquired as a result of a violation of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C. §§ 801 et seq.)

…The Bitcoin address referenced in the complaint recieved a transaction for 11.02btc at 17:10:36 Blockchain time on the date noted as “seized”.

The honeypot scenario seems more likely as the sender-address was not emptied into the “DEA” account. There is one other transaction in the referenced account, for 17.24btc which entered 5/22/13 and is transferred out 5/28/13 – It moves through one intermediary account, is then combined into a block of 200btc and moves through an account that transacts only in 100 or 200btc blocks totaling 10,100btc. Following any one of those 200btc blocks leads you to apparent “mixer” transactions, small amounts of value peeling off of the larger amount at each hop. Taint analysis reveals that nearly 10% of those bitcoins eventually pass through an address responsible for transacting more than 419,000btc since 2012

submitted by gwern
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“There is a war on drugs, but I surrendered.” -Marilyn Manson

June 23, 2013 |

Please reassure me on packaging stealth

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I don't expect anyone to put out there actual methods, but the main thing stopping me from dropping like $ 300 into bitcoin for some samles off the road is packaging. For example, if like my mom (not sending drugs to my mom's house, just an example) opened a package from the road would she be like "oh it's just a cd still in the wrapper" or would it be like "who the fuck sent you a used copy of back to the future?!"

Eh, I guess I'm just worried about how it goes down between the time it's dropped off and the time I get to it. Kinda hard to explain getting a new lamp in the mail or some shit for me…

Any thoughts? Is it best just to try to contact every vendor or is there a "standard" on this? I see many people say "great stealth" or similar, but I am unsure of what that really means.

submitted by ADHD-CAS
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“There is a war on drugs, but I surrendered.” -Marilyn Manson

June 22, 2013 |

Can anybody please confirmed that I screwed up and I don’t have any hope?

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I used bit instant to send several hundred dollars to a bitcoin address (directly to the road, no wallet involved)

This was my 14th time going to money gram. I did everything correctly, waited for money to be in my account. It never came. I waited till this morning. I tripled checked my BTC address….I goofed. I was one character short on the bit coin address. Bit coin messaged me saying the transaction failed and they will be in touch.

Has anybody been in a similar situation or how positive are you my money is gone?

submitted by boomboxbbb
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“There is a war on drugs, but I surrendered.” -Marilyn Manson

June 22, 2013 |

Are the days of anonymous cash -> Mt Gox over?

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I used to trust Bitinstant with anonymous cash transfers into my Mt Gox account, but with the new site transformation it seems you have to dish out personal info in order to make any zipzap payments whatsoever. No thanks. Except with this dilemma I'm now back to square one…

Anyone know the best way to get from cash in my wallet to Mt Gox? or simply to my SilkRoad account?

EDIT: Sorry everyone, I should clarify that I've been on SR for the better part of the last three years (back when Supertrips(88?) was Supertrips(98) and when Vicodin(100) was still dishing out the original "stop signs"), so I'm well aware that Bitcoins are anonymous and such.

However, after receiving 2 "love letters" I'm a bit paranoid about associating my legal name/info with a site that tracks your account history. In other words having my name tied to a bitcoin transfer from wallet x to wallet SR weirds me out. Suggestions?

submitted by duriliketrees
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“There is a war on drugs, but I surrendered.” -Marilyn Manson

June 20, 2013 |
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