Everyone Wants To Be A Singer

Since the popularity of shows like American Idol, Who’s Got talent? and in the earlier days – Stars In Their Eyes. It seems like everyone wants to be or thinks they can be a professional singer. They have dreams of making it big and living the high life. Case in point, these American Idol hopefuls;

Geez the judges can be so mean, especially Simon,but hey that’s what gets the ratings, that is what he is paid for.. What a world we live in. But on the topic of bad judges, maybe that’s what these people needed, what do I mean by that?

Well think about it this way, the people who you just watched; they made fools out of themselves on not national and international tv. In this day and age the internet makes everything international. I am assuming these clueless individuals would have done a bit of singing in front of their friends and family and they did not have the heart to tell them that they were terrible.

Or perhaps they were just clueless in regards to what actually constitutes a good singing voice. You know, someone who can hold a note and has control over their voice etc. But considering how awful these candidates were I am guessing there friends and family just didn’t want to give them the bad news. It may seem like a good thing to do at the time but looking at the end result it is not a good idea at all.

That really highlights the problems with PC culture, these days feelings are more important than facts. Everyone is so concerned about hurting someones feelings that they dare not say anything that MAY be considered offensive.

Look at this way, if they were up front and honest then the people in the video would have either avoided going on American Idol. Or they would have got some singing lessons, even if they were unable to afford the lessons, these days you can even get singing lessons online.

Bring back the old days when people just said what was on their mind, people spoke the truth. Political correctness has turned us into a bunch of easily/overly offended cry baby’s! Bring back the days when freedom of speech was more important than feelings.

Reminds me of a quote I read online, can’t remember who said it but it goes like this; ‘My freedom of speech does not end where your feelings begin’ or something to that effect. It really resonated with me….